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    You found me! I started business in September 2009 after working with newborns for 6 months but wanting something more. I wanted the freedom to flex my creative muscle and also do more than just newborns! Almost 5 years later I'm back at where I started, specializing in newborns but adding kids and families in there too :) I have retired from weddings and occasionally mentor or teach a workshop by request. Ever since the day I started, even before calling myself a business, I have worked at bettering myself through various mediums of continuing education in my field. I believe that no matter how long you've been perfecting your craft, no matter who you are, you are never done learning, and you will never know everything :)

    I'm a mother to 4 beautiful little girls, and have been married to my high school sweetheart since July 2009. I am a mother, and I am a photographer. But I am not a "mom with a camera". I am a photographer who also has children ;) I take my job- my CAREER, very seriously and respect the industry in everything I do. I'm also a pretty bad blogger, so that will explain why it's constantly out of date, but I try!! :) Visit my website or connect with me on Facebook to stay up to date with session sneak peeks and vital information. Thanks for stopping by!


BizRevamp Business Course With Rachel Brenke- Registration Open NOW!

I wanted to pop in and let you know about this AMAZING business web course being taught by one of my great and insanely smart, talented friends, Rachel Brenke. Rachel is a lawyer (yes, for real!)/photographer/business consultant and has been enjoying amazing success for years now in her endeavors. She’s an ambitious mother of 4 (and before long, 5!), an author of The Laundry List: A Mom’s Guide to Running a Successful Business and Home, and has helped thousands of photographers get their businesses going in the right direction, profiting, and operating legally & efficiently.

BizREVAMP is her crazy popular course that has made a comeback, due to popular demand- and registration is open NOW! I can’t recommend Rach highly enough- she is THE leading industry expert in business & legal, and if you are in the position to need this class, it WILL help you. She knows what she is doing, is highly educated, and is offering to help YOU, at a small, small price. Whether you are brand new and getting your business off the ground, or in the middle and need to “start fresh”, she will take care of you.

BizREVAMP includes VIDEOS. Handouts. Step by steps. Worksheets. Audio downloads & transcripts. Guest interviews from other industry experts in various fields! The videos are smartphone and tablet compatible too!

1:1 feedback- not a “one size fits all” group class- but you actually get your own 1:1 time to question Rachel and get personalized answers!

It’s a 12 week class, but you get LIFETIME access. Learn at your own pace aaaaaaand get free updates as the course is upgraded in the future…for free!

Oh and guess what else- you get a FREE legal portrait contract!! Do you know how much you would spend to have this drawn up by itself, by an attorney? Instead you  get it included in your BizREVAMP class, from Rachel who is yep- an attorney. Not just an attorney, but a photographer- as a photographer, how can you possibly ask for a better person to help you with YOUR photography business? Someone who is an expert in both fields?! Yes please!!:)

I know I sound like some sort of advertisement. Maybe I should! This girl is THE REAL DEAL. And I absolutely admire the HELL out of her for everything she has done for herself- AND all of the photographers she has truly helped.

Look into the class, and I encourage you, if this is something you need- FIND a way to do it. Invest in yourself. You will NOT regret it. I absolutely swear. The full payment is affordable, and in my opinion, CHEAP- considering everything you are getting. But hey, if you need a little time to pay- there is a payment plan too. Awesome!!

It covers everything you need to know like….
-How to set up a legal photo biz so they can stay legal and protect your assets.
-A simple system to manage and file their taxes the right way.
-The minimum insurance coverage their photo biz needs to give them peace of mind!
-How to get a solid contract with no holes that covers them!
-Website and social media quick-fixes that get them the inquires and new clients they’re losing out on right now!
-A streamlined WORKFLOW that minimizes stress and maximizes their money-making potential!
-How to generate more cash (even if they aren’t into in-person sales)!
-How to create their custom business plan to finally reach their goals!

Each student receives:
-Videos and accompanying transcripts so the student can quickly go through, understand and absorb the material.
-Printable handouts, checklists, and worksheets so they can take action on what they learned.
-Students can view the videos on smart phones and tables so they can work on-the-go
-Downloadable full video transcripts, audio files, and the above mentioned printable items.
-FOUR Question and Answer podcasts right to their inbox.
-Lifetime access so they can learn at their own pace.

How the course works:
-The content modules are dripped for one week for every module. Once the student reaches the end of the modules they have Lifetime Access to all modules. Students receive Module 1 upon registration.
-Content will be updated as time goes on for fresh and new material for students.

P.S. I got to peek into the first few modules, so I can truly sit here and not only speak of Rachel’s knowledge and character, but the actual class material- it’s DETAILED, and more or less holds your hand, as you proceed through the class. I can’t even describe how much work she put into this. It’s a-ma-zing. As many emails as I get in a week asking for direction/help on business and legal-related things, I wanted to take a few minutes while my kids were playing, to sit down and share this with you- especially since registration is happening

Class starts October 20th!! Enrollment is open until the 19th, and you get immediate access when you register:)

Enroll/Learn more about BizREVAMP
I love y’all!!!



*NEW* Preorders open at 50% off for ACP DSLR E-Guide including diagrams, videos, and easy to understand material! {Online workshops, DSLR 101, Shooting in Manual}

With the success of over 600 copies sold to satisfied photographers of the ACP Newborn E-Workshop Guide, I’m really excited to announce a similar product with every bit as much love put into it, for everyone else- DSLR 101/shooting in manual! These classes have always been SUPER popular when I offered them but being that they were so low-cost, I couldn’t justify traveling for them because it wasn’t cost-effective at all. I didn’t want to add a ton more people to a class because then it would be too crowded and people weren’t getting the 1:1 time they needed to ask questions and learn.

This guide is being designed (by myself!) similar to the newborn e-guide. There will be embedded videos (but also a separate folder of non-flash videos that you can watch on the side), diagrams, and most importantly, laymen’s terms talk in order to help understand what can otherwise be complicated material. When I started out and was trying to learn manual, I was frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed. No book that I ever read even showed me what a light meter (in camera) was- but it talked about it all the time, and I just couldn’t follow along. I tried to wrap my head around aperture, ISO and shutter speed but I just didn’t get it. It was HARD to learn manual starting out!

This is why i started teaching these classes in person. It became a huge valuable resource to beginning photographers, but also just mom or dad with a DSLR that wanted to learn how to properly use it. They wanted to shoot in low light without flash, but didn’t know how. They wanted decent pictures of their kids aside from their iPhone, but only knew how to use this expensive “toy” in auto mode, thus defeating the purpose of spending all that money. This is where I came in. Every class, it was lightbulb after lightbulb going off. I’ve taught aspiring photographers (NOTE- this is not mentoring on how to be a photographer. I won’t teach you how to shoot at certain angles or about composition, etc) how to get that DSLR out of auto and into manual mode, giving them full control and freedom. I taught them how to use their different white balance settings for better, more accurate color. I taught them how to toggle focus points to have total control over what they wanted that camera to focus on. I showed parents with a new DSLR a whole new world of documenting their lives in a beautiful way. That DSLR was no longer just an expensive paperweight. I showed them how to unleash its potential and create images that shined.

This E-Workshop Guide will include videos and you will be able to read and study at your own pace. I will speak in laymen’s terms but will also build you up to some pro terms as well so you don’t go out into the world clueless. Trust me though, you won’t ever feel like a fish out of water. I’m here for you!

All PREORDERS only will also receive a printed hard copy of the guide in the mail. Make sure your Paypal info is correct at checkout. The guide releases November 1, 2014 at $100. Right now preorders are only $50! That’s 75% off what I charge for in-person group classes on this exact same material:)Of course there’s a private Facebook group too for continued guidance, cc if you like, and to share progress:)THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT- THE PDF WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON RELEASE DAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2014. PREORDERS WILL RECEIVE A PRINTED HARD COPY AS WELL.

To preorder the ACP Teaches DSLR 101 E-Workshop Guide, visit here. Preorders will only be available during the month of September. Thank you so much!!

NYC/Philly Area Newborn Photography Workshop {Little Falls, NJ Newborn Posing and More Workshop July 2015}

Can you believe that 2014 is already over HALF over?! It feels like we just started, and were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 4th beautiful little girl- and now 2014 has came, saw, and almost conquered…so that means it’s already time to start scheduling 2015 classes!

I polled you guys and you answered- and LOUDLY! So Jersey, I’m coming to you! With 4 kids and a limited time that I can travel without constantly leaving them and my husband alone (family is important to me) I have to compromise when it come sot locations. NYC, Philadelphia and Boston were all polled for but this was the best compromise I could make for all 3:)
There was pretty high demand, but at this time I have only opened one class. Each class is limited to 5 photographers to create an intimate and nurturing learning environment. No fighting with anywhere from 7-11 other photographers to see, hear and be heard- yes, I have seen other classes advertised before with 12 photographers and ONE teacher- to me that’s crazy! With my 5:1 workshops, you’re promised to get the time and attention you need to truly LEARN, and walk away exhilarated and ready to apply new techniques to your business as you see fit!

2015 workshop tuition has been set at $1000.00. This rate has been carefully calculated not only based on travel costs, studio rental, meals and included take-home items, but the value of the education itself. You will be learning EVERYTHING I have learned the hard way through blood, sweat and tears over what will be 6 YEARS of being in business. We will be shooting 2 full-length newborn sessions!

This workshop has been set for: Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 at 8am. 

At: Neil van Niekerk studio in Little Falls, NJ.
Classes will last approximately 10 hours.

There is a $400 nonrefundable retainer to book your seat- the remaining balance will be due 1 month before your class- June 28th, 2015. Payments will be accepted via Paypal!

North Baltimore, OH Newborn Posing Workshops {Newborn Workshops Ohio 2015}

So I Built This Studio…

and have hosted a handful of workshops since- both 1:1 and group setting.

Can I just say that it’s ABOUT TIME?! For the first 2 1/2 years of teaching workshops, I did them inside my home, where I normally photographed newborns. It was crowded, my kids didn’t always stay away (they saw it as a group of ladies who were just DYING to play with them) and not going to lie- the biggest amazing window in my house was in my dining room, right by the ONLY bathroom. Traffic, traffic, traffic. Ever since building this studio (it’s modest, but it makes me happy!!), I want to shoot in it every stinkin day!

I polled you guys and you answered- so I’m scheduling a workshop here at my studio, for February 21, 2015!

This workshop is limited to 4 photographers to create an intimate and nurturing learning environment. No fighting with anywhere from 7-11 other photographers to see, hear and be heard- yes, I have seen other classes advertised before with 12 photographers and ONE teacher- to me that’s crazy! With my 4:1 workshops, you’re promised to get the time and attention you need to truly LEARN, and walk away exhilarated and ready to apply new techniques to your business as you see fit!

1-day tuition is set at $1000. You will be learning EVERYTHING I have learned the hard way through blood, sweat and tears over what will be 6 YEARS of being in business. We will be shooting 2 full-length newborn sessions from start to finish, having lunch, business chat (I’m an open book!), post-processing, etc.

The workshop date has been set for:
February 21, 2015 at 8:30am.

Class is approx 10 hours and will be located at my studio in North Baltimore, OH

There is a $400 nonrefundable retainer to book your seat- the remaining balance will be due 1 month before your class. Payments will be accepted via Paypal!

*The only restriction on these workshops that others do not have, is that you must live/operate outside of an 80 mile radius of 45872 (North Baltimore, OH.) I’ll be happy to mentor other photographers in light, photoshop, or teach folks how to use their DSLR:)But I am unable to teach everything I know in newborn photography and business to my local colleagues in order to protect my business income, and my family. Portraits are my livelihood:)Thank you for understand this requirement!

July 29, 2014 - 10:33 am

Kathryn Bessette - Hi Amy, I just applied for your newborn workshop and am just making sure you received it. It didnt show a verification page after I hit submit, it just sent me back to you main page so Im just making sure. Thank you,

Aria, 6 Week Old Newborn Session – 8 weeks premature {Ohio Newborn Preemie Photographer}

I came across Aria when her auntie, of The Bees Knees, had emailed me asking if I would consider photographing a particular sign she crafted- it said “You Are My Sunshine”. She was trying to raise money for her sister, who had just had her first child, 8 weeks prematurely, and help her out a bit. I told her I’d be happy to photograph the sign and hopefully get her more sales, but that I’d also love to extend a complimentary newborn session to baby Aria too!

Mama was thrilled, and we set something up for my next available. At 3 weeks old, Aria was released from the hospital and at 6 weeks old, and less than 6lbs,  she came to hang out with me for a bit! She was the EASIEST baby I’ve ever had, and the session was done in about an hour and a half.

It’s been a while since I’ve held a babe that itty bitty, and she was just delicious putty in my hands:)Her head of hair killed me! Congrats mama, and Aria- I’m so happy everything worked out for you and that you are thriving beautifully:)

August 30, 2014 - 8:01 am

Linda, Ottawa Baby Photographer - These newborn photos are so beautiful. I especially love that rain backdrop. So adorable. I always enjoy looking at your work.